I recently had 2 family members pass away in less than a year. I'm not at all good with technology, so when Kevin said he could assemble video's and pictures of my family members to create a gravesite tribute, I was all for it.

Now my grandchildren can remember our departed family members easily and securely. 

Thank you Kevin! 


Patricia H


OMG! I mean...I couldn't believe it! Kevin at Canada Health Guard and Legacy Solutions created an  amazing product for myself and family members to remember our Grandpa with! My sister and I were wanting to do something special but didn't know what exactly... until we were introduced to his service at the funeral home. 

Very pleased! 

Lisa M

I have to admit, I've never seen anything like this in my life. When I saw what Kevin and Canada Health Guard and Legacy Solutions were able to do, it blew me away. I couldn't be happier. My departed wife now has a means for our surviving family to remember her at the gravesite.  It's true Kevin, the sound of their voice is the first thing you forget! Thank you for the best idea EVER! I've recommended Kevin and Canada Health Guard to all my friends with departed loved ones.


Wayne C 

Come see what we're all about. You will be amazed!