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The Canada Health Guard and Legacy Solutions Experience

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Kevin grew up in an environment where the traditional pursuit of education and securing a good job was emphasized. However, from an early age, Kevin exhibited an entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for seeing possibilities where others saw limitations. 

Driven by a desire to make a positive impact in his community, city, and nation, Kevin founded Canada Health Guard and Legacy Solutions in 2020. Recognizing the importance of preserving memories and honoring loved ones, he envisioned a service that would make it easy for families to access and cherish the legacies of their departed members. 

Through Canada Health Guard and Legacy Solutions, Kevin offers a "Legacy Preservation" service that goes beyond the ordinary. By providing a comprehensive platform for storing and sharing cherished memories, including celebration of life slide shows, videos, and photos, he ensures that the legacies of loved ones and precious family pets are preserved for generations to come.

Committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, Kevin prides himself on offering fast and friendly service that meets the unique needs of each family. With a passion for helping others navigate life's uncertainties, he also introduces a variety of other products and services designed to protect against life's "curve balls.

In his quest to help others honor those who have passed while creating lasting legacies, Kevin continues to innovate and expand the offerings of Canada Health Guard and Legacy Solutions. His dedication to preserving memories and making a positive impact on the lives of others exemplifies his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to service.

"I look forward to sharing my expertise, to help you capture the journey"!


Kevin J. Harack, 

Creative Director / Owner